China logistics equipment R & D and production base

Material handling equipment manufacturer

Tongda is committed to the design, manufacturing and sales of warehousing and logistics equipment, aiming at various problems encountered in the process of handling, warehousing and turnover of different products, to provide customers with intimate and suitable solutions. The company has imported production equipment, mature production technology and perfect quality system, and has won the quality system test certification for many times. About 60% of the products are exported to Japan, Europe and the United States, serving 1000 +

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Strong product development, design and processing capabilities

Design and manufacture of handling and storage equipment Design and manufacture special logistics products according to customers' requirements Improvement and planning of operation environment and logistics system

General logistics equipments


  • Scale advantage The business area of the enterprise is 30000 ㎡, and the production workshop covers an area of 25000 ㎡ < br > 30 Panasonic robots, 4 large radium laser machines < br > 15 presses, 4 continuous presses, 8 CNC plate cutting and bending machines
    1 spray line, 1 pipe making machine line < br > annual output of 300000 sets of material handling equipment
  • Quality advantage The production strictly abides by iso9001:2015 quality system and BSI quality management system < br > 30 automatic production equipment robots to help improve the quality
    Strictly control dimensional tolerance to meet the needs of manipulator grasping
    The processing and spraying of steel pipe are all processed by our own factory to guarantee the quality
  • Technological superiority Won 1 invention patent, 30 utility model patents, 100 appearance patents < br > 15 years of industrial technology experience and above 4 people, 9 experienced designers and 4 engineers
    Issue design drawings based on shelf storage / utilization, supporting logistics supply chain and product weight
  • Service advantages 15 days for sample delivery, 30 days for batch delivery
  • Scale
  • Quality
  • Technology
  • Service