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SAIC Anji logistics - Tongda logistics machine customer case

Anji logistics of SAIC, as the name suggests, is invested and established by SAIC Group, which is a subsidiary of SAIC. 

Anji logistics of SAIC, as the name suggests, is invested and established by SAIC Group, which is a subsidiary of SAIC. It is mainly engaged in the relevant transportation services of SAIC automobile industry, and also provides the related enterprises of SAIC with the supply of intelligent projects such as automatic three-dimensional warehouse. SAIC's main engine plants, Nissan, Honda, BBA, etc., have built transfer warehouses near the main engine plants for parts transfer. The turnover boxes of various material racks used in the transfer warehouses are from various auto parts manufacturers, and also owned by the main engine plants.



Customer requirements:

According to the customer's plan or technical requirements, we design, quote and process the material rack;

Products purchased by customers and purchase volume:

Logistics, transportation, warehousing, internal turnover of various working position instruments, boxes, non-standard customized special material shelves, etc. in the automobile industry; cooperation relationship will be established in 2019.

How to meet customers:

Customers have a large demand for rack type working position instruments. In batch products, more than 85% of the welding workload of a single product is completed by robot welding, which has obvious advantages in quality and efficiency.

Customer evaluation:

Customers have visited our company for many times. Through on-site inspection, customers have commented that our company has a strong technical team in design. At the same time, customers think that our company can meet their requirements on product quality and delivery time.

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