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Dopro logistics machine explains the advantages and disadvantages of metal turnover box compared with traditional turnover box


With the continuous progress of the times, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, and the method of using trees to make turnover boxes in large scale before is gradually considered to be inadvisable. At the same time, with the continuous exploitation of oil resources, plastic materials will enter the high-tech line, and the country is constantly innovating and researching to find solutions to this problem The arrival of the revolving box makes this problem solved. And the advantages of metal turnover boxes are very obvious compared with wooden and plastic turnover boxes. Today we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of wooden turnover boxes and plastic turnover boxes compared with metal turnover boxes. I hope this article can help you.
Tongda logistics explains the advantages and disadvantages of metal turnover box compared with traditional turnover box
1, life expectancy
The service life of metal turnover box is about 5-10 times longer than that of traditional turnover box, which is mainly determined by the material and manufacturing process of metal turnover box. Metal turnover box material determines high resistance to deformation, compression and aging resistance.
2, clean
The metal turnover box is easier to clean. Through surface treatment, it can also resist corrosion. After cleaning, the wooden turnover box should also consider its moisture-proof, moth proof and other factors, which is very troublesome.
3. Globalization
Metal turnover box is a fumigation free inspection free product, which can be directly exported to foreign countries.
4. Stability
The structure of the metal turnover box is very stable, which makes the metal turnover box greatly reduce the loss in the process of transportation. Moreover, the quality, deformation resistance and load-bearing capacity of the metal turnover box are stronger than that of the plastic and wood turnover box, and the transportation cost can also be reduced in the process of transportation.
5. Protect resources
The materials used in the metal turnover box can be recycled and reused, while the plastic turnover box will be greatly reduced in strength due to material limitations, that is, material recycling. The wooden turnover box is made of wood, with a huge consumption. Selecting the metal turnover box can reduce the development of forests and reduce the deforestation of thousands of Mu every year.
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