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Dopro Material Handling Equipment Co., Ltd teaches you how to use metal pallets


1. Use of metal tray:

(1) Metal pallet intermodal transport

Metal pallet intermodal transport is an important use of pallets. Pallet through transport is also known as consistent pallet transport, which means a "door-to-door" transport method that starts with the consignor and delivers the pallet to the consignee through loading and unloading, transportation, transfer, storage, distribution and other logistics links.

(2) Special for metal tray

Dopro Material Handling Equipment Co., Ltd thinks that there are problems in improving work efficiency and pursuing logistics rationalization in each warehouse. Therefore, the special pallet is also a wide field of metal pallet, which can not be ignored. The metal tray is specially suitable for the requirements of a certain field. In each link of this field, the tray is used as a means to connect all parts. For example, in the factory logistics system, in order to cooperate with the assembly line operation, the special pallet is also widely used. For example, the process of special pallets for parts in automobile factories is that after the pallets are loaded into parts, they enter the three-dimensional warehouse for safekeeping. According to the assembly plan, the pallets are taken out from the three-dimensional warehouse and enter the assembly line. After the built-in parts are assembled at a certain assembly position, the empty pallets are sent back to the supply department, so they are used repeatedly.

Suzhou Tongda logistics Machine Co., Ltd. teaches you how to use metal pallets

2. Precautions for using metal tray:

(1) Not all goods can be palletized. The goods suitable for palletizing shall be limited to miscellaneous packages, and the bulk, overweight, overlong or refrigerated goods shall not be palletized. When transporting dangerous goods on pallets, do not load dangerous goods of different natures on the same pallet.

(2) Must comply with pallet stowage requirements. For example, the quantity and weight of each pallet loaded by the same batch of goods must be the same, and there can be no more or less; the goods of different consignees can not be loaded on the same pallet; the pallet plane should be fully loaded with goods, and the goods should be placed in the same code.

(3) Each pallet must be firmly bound to have sufficient strength, stability and balance. It can not only withstand general maritime risks, loading and unloading operations and movements, but also bear certain pressure on it.

(4) When the goods are transported on pallets, the words "pallet transportation" must be indicated on all transport documents. In addition to the general necessary items, the bill of lading also needs to list the number of pallets and the number of pieces of goods loaded on the pallets, because this relates to the issue of what standard to calculate compensation in case of loss or damage of goods.