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Don't forget to forge ahead with the original heart - commendation of the advanced employees of Dopro Material Handling Equipment Co., Ltd in 2019


Since its establishment in 2007, Dopro Material Handling Equipment Co., Ltd has gone through 13 years. At present, the company has strong technical force and product development capacity, advanced production equipment, mature production technology and perfect quality assurance system. The company has a professional team that has been engaged in the design and manufacturing of automobile material racks for many years, and has gradually become a professional manufacturer that provides logistics equipment such as customized non-standard material racks, metal containers, handling vehicles, stainless steel products, etc.
On the occasion of saying goodbye to the old and ushering in the new, in order to set up an excellent benchmark, promote corporate culture, further motivate the team, and improve the sense of honor and belonging of employees, our company recently held the selection of advanced employees in 2019.
Employees are the cornerstone of the long-term development of the enterprise. It is their hard work and selfless dedication that promote the reform and innovation of the enterprise. In order to encourage advancement, encourage all employees and uphold the principle of fairness, justice and openness, the company's evaluation team finally selected four honors, namely "excellent employee", "excellent team leader", "quality pacesetter" and "capacity pacesetter".
Sixteen advanced employees, including four "excellent employees", have been selected for this recognition. They have made great contributions to the efficiency and cost reduction of the company in their respective positions:
1. Zhang Jie, from the management department, has always been dedicated in his post to create cost reduction benefits for the company's vehicle maintenance and logistics work;
2. Zhang Xiaolian, from the purchasing department, is enthusiastic and active in her work, making outstanding contributions to the development of new suppliers and the promotion of price reduction of old suppliers;
3. Wang Hu, from the technology department, is conscientious, responsible and rigorous. In addition to his own work, he also assists in the production performance innovation;
4. Liu Jichao, from the quality department, is willing to help others, works seriously, works efficiently and has a low complaint rate.
Excellent workshop foreman is the top priority for the normal operation of the workshop. In order to praise the workshop foreman with excellent organization and coordination, two leaders were selected and awarded the title of "excellent team leader":
1. Feng Wei, from the project workshop, always reminds himself of the principle of "responsibility in mind, quality in hand", focusing on safety, and constantly improving quality and productivity efficiency;
2. Qiao Dongdong, from the project workshop, constantly strives to improve the company's equipment, improve work efficiency, improve production capacity, reduce scrap and reduce costs.
In addition to the excellent workshop leader, the dedication of every workshop employee is indispensable. Quality is the life of products. In order to commend the excellent employees who safeguard the quality of products, five "quality pacesetters" have been selected:
1. Sun Youzhi, from the project workshop, works conscientiously, obeys the arrangements, abides by the rules and regulations of the factory, has outstanding performance and has no complaints for two consecutive years;
2. Feng Yihuai, from the project workshop, takes the principle of "no production of defective products, no outflow of defective products" in the work, works seriously, obeys the arrangement, and shows outstanding performance;
3. Pan Xianghua, from the spraying workshop, has always been strict with herself, pursuing perfection, working actively, and has a strong sense of quality and responsibility;
4. Mao jugen, from the non-standard workshop, works conscientiously and responsibly. His working procedure is of high quality, quantity and efficiency;
5. Ma shengmei, from non-standard workshop, has high quality awareness, active work and correct attitude.
If quality is the life of products, then productivity is the soul of products. This time, five outstanding employees who can complete the production capacity set by the company on the basis of quality assurance are selected and awarded the honor of "production capacity pacesetter".
1. Zuo Zhaomei, from the project workshop, works hard and has made outstanding contributions to the production leadership for two consecutive years, with zero quality complaints, playing a leading role in improving production capacity;
2. Lei Shengzhu, from the project workshop, works meticulously, abides by the rules and regulations of the factory, shows outstanding performance and plays a role in promoting the production capacity;
3. Shangxi'an, from non-standard workshop, as a senior old employee, but always guard against arrogance and impetuosity, excellent performance, strong execution;
4. Shao Taotao, from non-standard workshop, has a positive attitude and a strong sense of responsibility. He has always exceeded all the production tasks assigned;
5. Wang Jian, from non-standard workshop, works actively and passionately, always over accomplishing all kinds of production tasks, and plays an exemplary role for welding workers.