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Side shelf

1. Special material rack for automobile side wall
2. Easy to use, special material rack for automatic assembly line
3. Hanging arrangement is adopted, which is convenient for automatic manipulator to grasp
4. It is suitable for transportation turnover in the factory and forklift operation
5. The pallet platform car can be configured to realize manual movement and efficient traction transportation
6. Recyclable, low cost, universal
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产品规格 / Product specifications
Customized specification of side wall material rack
NameSide shelf
Appearance size3250*1800*1600mm
Internal dimensions-
Maximum payload3000KG
Product weight515KG
Installed capacity17PCS
Stackable layers3
Stack height4760mm
Stacking capacity-
Main materialSteel
Surface treatmentElectrostatic powder spraying
Body colorLight green
Packing dimensions-
Loading capacity-
Fork height85mm
Customizable projectsIt can be customized for special material frame of various auto parts

Production Process

1. After laser positioning parts, galvanizing treatment can increase the service life of products;
2. The positioning part is applicable to the assembly structure, which can be adjusted according to the actual parts, and can be easily replaced after the positioning part is damaged, so as to reduce the cost;
3. Making special welding tools to ensure the qualified rate of batch production

Product display
Core advantages

Scale advantage

The business area of the enterprise is 30000 ㎡, and the production workshop covers an area of 25000 ㎡;
30 Panasonic robots, 4 large-scale laser;
15 punches, 4 continuous punches and 8 numerical control plate cutting and bending machines;
1 spray line, 1 pipe making machine line;
Annual output of 300000 sets of material handling equipment

Quality advantage

Quality advantage

Production strictly abide by iso9001:2015 quality system, BSI quality management system;
30 robots of automatic production equipment to help improve the quality;
Strictly control dimensional tolerance to meet the needs of manipulator grasping;
The processing and spraying of steel pipe are all processed by our own factory to ensure the quality

Technological superiority

Technological superiority

It has won 1 invention patent, 30 utility model patents and 100 appearance patents;
Over 15 years of technical experience in the industry, 4 people, 9 experienced designers and 4 senior engineers;
Issue design drawings based on shelf storage / utilization, supporting logistics supply chain and product weight

Service advantages

Service advantages

15 days for sample delivery and 30 days for batch delivery;
The goods shall be packed and delivered to the door in strict accordance with the requirements;
Product warranty period: 1 year;
The shelf can be folded / stacked and can be used repeatedly to ensure the service life of more than 10 years

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