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Suzhou Dopro logistics machine can customize non-standard metal turnover box equipment for customers


Dopro Material Handling Equipment Co., Ltd has developed and produced metal turnover boxes for many years. At present, a variety of standard products have become general products in the industry, which are commonly used to assemble castings, forgings, gears, engines and other products. With the characteristics of high load, low recovery cost and long service life, more and more enterprises use them. In order to facilitate the use of enterprises, we customized turnover boxes for different products. Scientific turnover plan is more conducive to the development of enterprises. We have experienced technical team to design the outer packing scheme for our products.

Dopro Material Handling Equipment Co., Ltd takes logistics equipment as its main products, including folding turnover bin, standard storage cage, mobile bin, modular loading system, etc. Since its establishment, the company has established cooperative relations with many enterprises at home and abroad. Products have been sold to Asia, Europe, America and other countries.