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Suzhou Dopro logistics machine was rated as


Recently, Dopro Material Handling Equipment Co., Ltd was awarded as "Jiangsu credit management standard implementation enterprise" by the leading group office of social credit system construction under Jiangsu Economic and Information Commission in the application of Jiangsu credit management standard implementation enterprise.

Credit management is the most important production factor and wealth resource in the era of credit economy. Suzhou Tongda attaches great importance to the innovation, application, management and protection of enterprise credit management. On the basis of improving the quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system, it has continuously and meticulously built the enterprise brand, carefully formulated the enterprise credit management policy and credit management objectives, and actively publicized them, which are understood and implemented by the personnel of all departments of the company. In terms of contract management, the company has carried out a comprehensive assessment on the risk of contract performance, followed up and supervised the contract performance in a timely manner, established a feedback mechanism, and established a accountability and punishment mechanism for the non performance of the contract. In terms of production management, we have made a commitment to production quality, safety, efficiency, etc. and formed a document. By strictly controlling the on-site production process, adopting scientific technology, standardized management, and honest service, we have ensured the excellent quality of our customers' products, the customer satisfaction rate, and the product conformity rate, which have been unanimously praised by the society.

Suzhou Dopro logistics machine was rated as "Jiangsu credit management standard enterprise"

Dopro Material Handling Equipment Co., Ltd has been committed to the storage and logistics facilities of transportation racks for auto parts and components products for many years, such as metal logistics containers, metal turnover boxes, steel pallets, non power carrying vehicles, qiaogu racks, metal mesh boxes, tortoises, non-standard material racks, spinning vehicles, plastic aluminum platform vehicles, tire racks, glass racks, glass transportation racks, gearbox pallets, gearbox material racks, etc Equipment design, manufacturing and sales.